Sarah's Priorities

Fully Fund Public Education in Iowa & Create Equal Funding for Rural School Districts

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The state support for education has been below 3% for the past several years; schools have been forced to delay technology upgrades and reduce educational opportunities for students. Large school districts – where more residential and commercial property is available for taxation – have new buildings. I want to increase school funding to at least the current inflation rate of 3–4% and reimagine the current taxation for rural school districts to equalize opportunities for students across the state.

Ensure Accessible & Affordable Rural Healthcare for All Iowans

We need to increase Medicaid reimbursement rates for our rural hospitals. Increasing that rate will be a step in the right direction towards better financial security for these important local institutions. I want to make sure that they remain for the economic stability of our small towns. We need to increase the number of providers and facilities across Iowa to ensure everyone can get help when necessary. Mental healthcare will be one of my top issues in the legislature; it's too important to ignore. I want to improve access to mental health services for our rural communities.

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Expand Internet Connection Across Iowa

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We know the future is digital and electronic. The internet needs to be part of the foundation for a strong economic infrastructure. Fast, reliable, and affordable internet is no longer a luxury; it should be viewed as a utility like electricity, water, and phone. I want fast, reliable internet in every home, school, and business in Iowa.

Invest in Renewable Energy & Sustain Our Environment for Future Generations

We need to incentivize clean energy companies to come to Iowa, train the next generation of the Iowa workforce in renewable energy jobs, and remove barriers that currently prevent Iowa from adopting renewable energy practices. I want to fund more research and water monitoring, improve state water quality standards, and develop new pollution standards for streams, rivers, and lakes.

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Support Small Businesses, Farmers, and Non-Profits

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Our area's backbone of economic success is through thriving businesses, farms, and non-profits and we need to continuously imagine new ideas which will result in a stronger economic environment for all. I believe that focusing on public education, healthcare, and renewable energy will move us towards a stronger economy.