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Leadership for us all


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Executive Director. Coach. Mom.

Sarah Smith is a candidate running for Iowa House District 53 as a lifelong Iowan and a fourth generation resident of the district. She has a vested interest in its success and is eager to learn more from its residents and business owners to support its collective growth.

As Director of Program Outreach & Events at Grinnell College, Sarah coordinates key efforts to unite the community with the college campus.

In the Fall, Sarah can be found poolside coaching the Grinnell-Newburg High School girls swim team.

But of highest priority, Sarah is the mother of Josie, a freshman at Grinnell-Newburg

High School, and Alex, a senior at the same school with plans to play baseball at Luther College. Sarah earned her B.A. in Psychobiology at Luther College where she met her husband, Dustin.


House District 53 Opportunities

Childcare deserts, unpaid sick leave and prenatal & maternity care are the crux of many issues facing working families. Sarah will work with local community centers and daycare providers to subsidize childcare options while championing affordable healthcare options.

Reversing the labor shortage
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Support for working families

Small businesses are the heart of Iowa's downtowns and many are experiencing labor shortages. In addition to ensuring access to the most suitable skills training, Sarah will collectively work with business owners and managers to ensure their profitability while increasing wages to benefit the worker.

Sarah supports Iowa's farmers and aims to ensure fair tax rates when land is moved into conservation efforts. Rural residents deserve all the same amenities as any other citizen, which is why Sarah will continue to work toward infrastructure improvements ensuring internet access, public school support and emergency services.

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Safety & security

As a non-politician, Sarah believes the government's role to be one of support – providing assistance rather than mandates. In doing so, Sarah will vouch for government support for healthcare access, hunters' rights, climate change & energy advancements and keeping the agricultural industry an even playing field.

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Rural development & stewardship

Sarah knows that law enforcement needs support now more than ever which is why she supports mental health crisis training. Sarah also supports responsible gun owners and keeping the second amendment intact through required safety courses and background checks. As dangers evolve, Sarah will continue to support laws that stop sex trafficking across Iowa and put an end to spam & identify theft.

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Role of government


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House District 53

Sarah Smith is running for Iowa House District 53 which covers all of Poweshiek County and a vast majority of Tama County. Some of the larger cities in the district include Brooklyn, Chelsea, Clutier, Deep River, Elberon, Garwin, Gladbrook, Grinnell, Guernsey, Hartwick, Lincoln, Malcom, Montezuma, Montour, Tama, Toledo, Searsboro and Vining.

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